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Lisa Keffer-Ruiz

Congratulations to Lisa Ruiz, recipient of a 2010 Bravo Award!

My earliest memories of creating are as a young child. In fact I cannot recall a time when art was not part of my everyday experience. As a child my peers and the adults in my life either marveled at my abilities or were annoyed by my perceived obsession with creating things. Consequently, I knew I was different. I did not find my tribe until I began my Bachelors Degree in Fine Art at Towson University. In this setting I was surrounded by creatives who thought and communicated like me. It was validating, enriching and engaging. Learning and creating in this environment taught me the value of surrounding myself with fellow creatives who support my artistic process and challenge me to to grow.

As an artist, art educator and advocate for the arts professional growth is a primary goal. I am constantly seeking opportunities to master my craft and broaden my practice. After spending more than 25 years pursuing academic drawing and painting I am venturing into the world of abstraction. I am enjoying experimenting with media, subject matter and message to produce new work that is pushing my limits as a creative. As I explore the same subject from different angles and in different compositions I am discovering new ways to think about the art I create and the effect it has on the viewer. I am finding this new process liberating and I am looking forward to the journey and the work that will result from it.