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JoAnna Abrahamian

JoAnna Abrahamian was born in Whittier, and has always lived in the “uptown area”. She attended Whittier schools and fondly remembers the art classes with Mr. Nakamura, who had the ‘patience of a saint’, at Whittier High School. Marriage and three children kept her busy for many years, but art was always there in one form or another. She enjoyed all forms of needlework, concentrating on antique techniques, which led to a fifteen year career doing textile restoration and conservation for museums, collectors and private parties.

It was not until 1998 that she put brush to paper and took a watercolor class with the lat Pat Combs. Unfortunately within a year, Pat became too ill to teach, but she credits Pat with teaching her the fundamentals of watercolor. This is the only class she took, and considers herself self-taught.

After ten years of watercolor, JoAnna felt it was time for a new medium and new subject matter. A gift of a “how to” book on colored pencil set the stage for a new phase of art. Colored pencil is perfect for botanicals and there is always subject matter in the garden. She is also working in graphite, a very underrated medium.

Her work has been shown at various locations around Los Angeles county and she is a member of the Whittier Art Association where her work has been in the members shows and the gift shop.

“I have always believed that artists know that they have a special gift early in life. We have what I will call an ‘artist’s eye’ and we perceive the world through that eye. What we experience, translates into an acute awareness of color, proportion, and design that affects all aspects of our life.

This ability allows us to appreciate the most minute details of our surroundings and yet to see the whole picture as well. We are constantly making compositions, mixing colors and formulating a working plan in our minds.

Spiritually this shows me that there is order in nature, not random happenstance. Everything is in place, has a purpose and has beauty; and this gift, this ‘artist eye’ allows me to interpret what I see.” --JoAnna Abrahamian