WhittierArtists.com Welcomes JoAnna Abrahamian!

by Robin Schroeder 22. August 2012 17:04

WhittierArtists.com Proudly Welcomes JoAnna Abrahamian!
JoAnna and PunkinJoanna is an accomplished artist working in colored pencil, graphite and watercolor. She specializes in botanical illustration and will soon be featuring animal portraits. JoAnna was born and raised in Whittier and worked for many years in the conservation and restoration of textiles. She has been concentrating on her artwork for the last 14 years, starting with watercolor and then moving to colored pencil and graphite. For More Information, visit JoAnna Abrahamian's site in WhittierArtists.com

Mr. Snickers, Animal Portrait, Graphite Pumpkins, Watercolor Amaryllis Lifecycle, Botanical Illustration, Colored Pencil

Visit JoAnna Abrahamian's site in WhittierArtists.com

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New Paintings by Marty Wilson!

by Robin Schroeder 12. July 2012 18:02

Wonderful new watercolor pieces by Marty Wilson!
In the artist's own words:
'The Joshua Tree National Park has become a favorite place to visit. The Joshua trees are rather bizarre and each one tells a different story, sometimes having multiple branches and sometimes only one. '
Joshua Tree Vista Sunset in the Tropics

For More Information, visit Marty Wilson's Page in WhittierArtists.com

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Dennis McGonagle: Auburn Series

by Robin Schroeder 14. September 2011 16:27
Dennis McGonagle's new series of paintings from Auburn, California are truely amazing.
The Auburn Series at McGonagleStudio.com

Don't miss the Auburn Series YouTube Video!

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Whittier Artists Welcomes Luis Vega!

by Robin Schroeder 7. September 2010 18:19

WhittierArtists.com Welcomes Luis Vega!

Luis is a local high school art teacher with an amazing talent for mixed media sculpture and print making. He will be joining the other Whittier Artists for the WhittierArtists.com: Divergent Perspectives show in October at the Pomona Progress Space Gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony. Click here for more info on this show
Read more about Luis Vega, his work and inspirations here:

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New Work by Marty Wilson on WhittierArtists.com!

by Robin Schroeder 21. July 2010 19:45

Please check out two new watercolor pieces by Marty Wilson!
In the artist's own words:
'The steep mountains dropping dramatically into the sea along the Big Sur coastline are dramatic sights. There is a nice juxtapostion of the wild ruggedness of the terrain with man's attempt to find refuge and tame a small part of it. The circling hawks keep watch. '
Big Sur Lunch at Napenthe

For More Information, visit Marty Wilson's Page in WhittierArtists.com

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WhittierArtists.com welcomes Wendy Casalicchio!!

by Robin Schroeder 28. April 2010 07:13

Drum roll please...
WhittierArtists.com is very excited to welcome a new member!
Wendy Casalicchio

Wendy grew up in Whittier and earned a BA in fine arts with an emphasis on 3-D design focusing on metalwork at Cal State Long Beach. She does amazing work in all kinds of media, including various metals,embroidery and pencil illustration. You have to check out her site!

Train Yard Inhabitants Cigarette and La Pistola After the Rescue

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The Phantom City Mural by Dennis McGonagle & Friends

by Robin Schroeder 21. April 2010 18:05

Dennis McGonagle and his partner, Tyler Kinnaman, have completed a mural, a 300 square foot scene of Broadway Lights on the stage of the Fairgrove Academy Auditorium in La Puente, California. The mural was commissioned by the school's principal, Penny Fraumeini, who wanted a backdrop for the school's upcoming play, Broadway Lights.

Phantom City Mural

More pictures of the Phantom City Mural!

Visit Dennis McGonagle's Website

Visit The Fairgrove Academy Website

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New Work by Vicki Schramm!

by Robin Schroeder 12. April 2010 05:52

Please visit the site and check out Vicki Schramm's new work!

For More Information, visit Vicki Schramm's page in WhittierArtists.com

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New Work by Marty Wilson!

by Robin Schroeder 31. March 2010 08:13

Stop by WhittierArtists.com and check out Marty Wilson's new artwork!

Connection Canna and Coleus Anza Borrego

For More Information, visit Marty Wilson's page in WhittierArtists.com

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New work by Donna Larson!

by Robin Schroeder 15. March 2010 23:27

Check out this new work by Donna Larson!
San Gabriel Canyon, Cambria (California) and Aspens are among the inspirations for her beautiful watercolors!


For More Information, visit Donna Larson's page in WhittierArtists.com

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