Paul Jackson Watercolor Workshop

by Robin Schroeder 25. April 2010 22:46

American watercolorist, Paul Jackson, will be teaching a workshop in Long Beach, CA, July 16-18.

Paul teaches dozens of workshops every year -- this will be his first in Long Beach. The subject matter will be a dramatic landscape. Jackson’s artwork has been on the cover of the Artist’s magazine four times in recent years. Other media featuring Jackson ’s work include: American Artist, Watercolor magazine, Watercolor Magic, Watercolor Artist, Forbes Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, NPR, CBS News, The Baltimore Sun, The St Louis Post, The Kansas City Star, and TWA’s Ambassador Magazine. Workshop Coordinator, Debbie Lewis, who grew up in Whittier, will be hosting Paul and his wife Marla, during their three-day stay in Long Beach.

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Paul Jackson's website:
Please email Debbie Lewis for more info or to register:

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Art Workshops

New Work by Vicki Schramm!

by Robin Schroeder 12. April 2010 05:52

Please visit the site and check out Vicki Schramm's new work!

For More Information, visit Vicki Schramm's page in

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'Brooklyn Doorway' and others by Liz Dorn

by Robin Schroeder 19. February 2010 18:28
I don't know about you, but doorways have always intrigued me. Liz Dorn is a wonderful artist in the Whittier area and she sure know how to capture the essence of buildings. Here is a a little more info on Liz, in the artist's own words:
"I started painting when I was four years old. My father was an artist, amateur photographer, and draftsman. After he and my mother parted company, I was not given any encouragement by my mother and gave up painting altogether. After returning to junior college about eight years ago, I was required to take art classes. I then remembered how much I had loved painting and drawing so I resumed painting and earned my AA degree in art and haven’t stopped since then. "

For More Information, visit the Liz Dorn's artwork in

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Show Review: 'Collaborations' at the Casita del Pueblo

by Robin Schroeder 19. January 2010 19:33
"Collaborations" the current show at Casita del Pueblo, is a colorful, high-energy display of the colaborative work of Dennis and Terry McGonagle. I was facinated with the multiple techniques used to apply acrylic paint layers to canvas. Dennis and Terry have worked together to produce works of exquisit texture and color. Very creative! - Vicki Schramm

Terry McGonagle Dennis McGonagle
This show runs through Feb. 10, 2010 - don't miss it!

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Show Reviews

'Pelican at Avila Beach' and others by Marty Wilson

by Robin Schroeder 24. August 2009 18:37
Marty Wilson's new watercolor paintings will transport you to a Southern California beach! She writes:
'A favorite pasttime of mine is walking on piers that jut out into the ocean at the very edge of the continent. On the pier near Avila Beach I came across this magnificent pelican, He was so stoic and unflappable and allowed me to get close and observe the deep colors, patterns and contrasts of his feathers.'

Pelican at Avila Beach Venice Beach Sildwalk Cafe

For More Information, visit the this featured artist's page at

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'Plum Blossoms' by Donna Larson

by Robin Schroeder 17. August 2009 00:40

Donna Larson's new work is stunning. This local artist has always been interested in all kinds of art and have been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. She has a fine arts degree from Cal State Fullerton specializing in drawing and painting.

In her own words:

"The painting of the Plum Blossoms was inspired by a trip to Schabarum Park in Rowland Heights, Calif. There is a whole orchard of these beatuiful trees that were given to the park by Japan.  They bloom January thru Febuary each year.  I painted the image on chinese rice paper then mounted it on watercolor paper."


For More Information, visit the this featured artwork in

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