'Utah Lava Rock' by Holly Overin

by Robin Schroeder 18. December 2009 14:28
Holly Overin's new work is stunning:
"Seated under a tree and looking straight up to the sky, I saw the work of giants in this steep face of orange rock which appeared to be the altar for three distinct piles of cubed lava stones placed in a seemingly deliberate manner upon it's horizontal planes. I was inspired to explore the contrasting shapes." --Holly Overin

Utah Lava Rock

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'Anna' and 'At Rest' by Jay Gould

by Robin Schroeder 15. December 2009 05:08
I am very pleased to introduce to you Jay Gould, a very talented local plein-aire painter! "I have been interested in Art since I was a young boy. Both of my grandparents were professional artists. Because I enjoy nature and the out-of-doors, Plein Aire Painting is my favorite painting experience. I enjoy painting in my backyard studio, too. I paint in three mediums: oil, watercolor and acrylics. I have been commissioned to paint murals and am also known for my photography." - Jay Gould Here are two of Jay's latest work: 'Anna' and 'At Rest':
Jay Gould
Anna At Rest

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Rose by Ofelia Warthen

by Robin Schroeder 13. November 2009 05:58
Meet Ofelia Warthen, an exciting, talented local artist in the Whittier area. Ofelia specializes in oil painting and beading.
In the artist's words:
"This pink rose had the most beautiful intricate formation of petals, showing its deep, descending shades of velvet colors give me so much emotion just to think about it. I just had to paint it."
Only prints available. Please contact the artist.

For More Information, visit the this featured artist in WhittierArtists.com

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