Check Out Pat Brown's New Work!!

by Robin Schroeder 13. March 2010 23:42
Pat Brown has been creating some wonderful new things in her studio. Check them out!

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'The Green Flash' by Marty Wilson

by Robin Schroeder 2. January 2010 21:32
"Ever since I first learned of the "green flash" at sundown I have tried to see it. Though I didn't really get to see this one myself, my camera did record it. I just thought I was taking a picture of a beautiful sunset at Pismo Beach and was thrilled to see in a photo what I had missed. The green flash is an atmospheric phenomenon observed after the sun has set. The sun's light enter's the earth's atmosphere refracting towards the observer and green is the last color of light to remain for just a second or two." - Marty Wilson

Green Flash Marty Wilson

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