Greg J. Hayes at the Greenleaf Gallery

by Robin Schroeder 14. September 2010 05:09

Any of These (or Others Like These)

Exhibition Dates: August 23–October 8, 2010
Artist Talk: Thursday, October 7 at 5:15pm
Closing Reception: Thursday, October 7 from 6:00-8:00pm

Gallery: 13406 Philadelphia St, Whittier, CA 90603, 562.907.4200, M-F, 9:30am to 5:00pm

The Whittier College Greenleaf Gallery is pleased to present Any of These (or Others Like These), a solo exhibition of artwork by Greg J. Hayes. Hayes is a Los Angeles based artist who studied for a year at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston before receiving his MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 2010. In recent years, he has exhibited work in in Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego and Troy, NY, and images from his current body of work will be on display in the GLAMFA exhibition at Cal State Long Beach through mid-September. This Fall, Hayes will be an artist-in-residence at the Cultural Center at Eagle Hill in Massachusetts.

Artist’s Statement:
My practice is based on the idea that art making is a way of thinking. The process is a space for contemplation outside of and in addition to the thoughts necessary to complete the act. At the core of this practice is an insistent investigation of time and experience through the unique conditions of photography.

Any of These (or Others Like These) involves the reorganization of photography’s hierarchy by using the depth and duration of my attention instead of light and movement as guides to exposure, thus prioritizing film’s capability as a recorder of time over that of a depicter of space. Made at various sites on large-format color negative film, these photographs are traditionally called time exposures – the duration of each determined by how long I linger.

The potential for making a photograph necessarily exists at all times and places; the locations where the photographs begin are important only in their non-specificity. See Also – the body of work from which Any of These draws – builds on the idea that not only is a photograph a way of thinking, but a negative is also a container for time. In making this work, I am clearing personal spaces in an otherwise cluttered social terrain – short stops within a moving system. The prints produced are the final stages of photographs, their quality and reproducibility independent of their roles.

In conjunction with this image work, I have been developing a text piece that shares its name with the greater body of work, and theorizes a photographic ontology. The contents of this booklet challenge ways of knowing and reading a photograph, and impel a reconsideration of time spent. Its current form is that of a proposal, encouraging readers to ask themselves, “what can(‘t) be seen in a photograph?” Together, the photographs and the text engage questions about the implications of idleness while maintaining an emphasis on photographic inquiry and the conditions of perception.

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'Aili Schmeltz: La Fuente de la Vida' at the Greenleaf Gallery

by Robin Schroeder 2. February 2010 21:53
Aili Schmeltz: La Fuente de la Vida
Exhibition Dates: January 26 – February 25, 2010
Artist Talk: Thursday, February 25 at 5:15pm
Closing Reception: Thursday, February 25 from 6:00-8:00pm
Hours: M-F, 9:30am to 5:00pm
Location: 13406 Philadelphia St, Whittier, CA 90603, 562.907.4200

The La Fuente de la Vida (The Fountain of Life) project is a collaboration between American and Mexican artists, filmmakers, professors, writers, dance professionals, and students. The body of work is comprised of four elements: a video installation with sound, drawings, a catalogue, and still digital photographs. The video component of the project is a three-channel projection in which each video is edited by a different artist, one American and two Mexican.

Beginning in the midst of the Flu epidemic outbreak, the project is an epic story surrounding a civic fountain in downtown Monterrey, Mexico entitled “La Fuente de La Vida” (The Fountain of Life). The monument has fallen from grace in the eyes of the city. To regain its glory the characters from the fountain, Neptune and his nymphs, begin a search for a new location for their monument. By paralleling Mexico's ‘fall from grace’ in the eyes of the international community - ranging from the ‘Swine’ Flu outbreak and drug cartel infused US border conflict – the project fosters a creative rethinking and examination of cross-cultural currents between Mexico and it’s sibling neighbor nation to the North. Fuente de la Vida serves as a rebuttal to the persistent negative media effluence that has helped perpetuate cultural stigmas and discrimination.

Special thanks to all of the hard work from the collaborators on both sides of the border including the video editors Samuel Ceped and Iván Pujol; music composer Greg Bryant; Audio/Visual Technician Daniel Annareau; essay writer David Hernandez Casas; book designer Aissa Deebi; cameramen Marco Treviño, Rubén Gutierrez, Aissa Deebi, Julio Orta, and David Hernandez Casas; performers Iván Pujol, Vanessa Moya, Janna Samira Alcaraz Sona, Cristina Garza, and Areli Morán; and Director of Projecto Arte, Héctor Santos, who graciously provided the private discothèque for filming with two in-house DJ performers: DJ 22 locos and DJ Ninja. This project would not have happened without each of your contributions and I humbly thank you.

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