Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts - February 26, 27 & 28, 2010

by Robin Schroeder 29. January 2010 22:12
Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts - February 26, 27 & 28, 2010
On February 26-28, Hillcrest Congregational Church will be hosting its 50th annual Festival of Fine Arts. Come celebrate with us!

On display and for sale at the Festival of Fine Arts: Watercolor & oil paintings, sculpture, fiber arts, handcrafted jewelry, ceramics, photography, glass, wood, pottery, batik and mixed media. Wide range of prices to fit any budget!

Activities include: Arts and Crafts Boutique, Starving Artist Cafe, gallery exhibits, artist demonstrations, musical entertainment, and the free children's art workshops (Sat. & Sun.) sponsored by Target.

Featured Artist for 2010: Ernest Lacy. Award-winning watercolor and oil painter who uses the dynamics of passion, exploration and spontaneity to transform everyday subjects into magnificent designs of form and color who is committed to find the truest expression of his artistic vision.

Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts
Celebrating its 50th Year!
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
February 26-28
Fri & Sat: 10am-5pm; Sun: 11am-5pm
2000 West Rd.,
La Habra Heights, CA 90631
(562) 947-3755
Free Parking & Free Admission

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'Paintings by Jeni Bate' at the Whittier Art Gallery

by Robin Schroeder 27. January 2010 21:43
RECEPTION: FEBRUARY 6, from 4 - 7 p.m.

JENI BATE has been exhibiting throughout
Southern California since 2003.

Artist's Statement:
Painting was a frequent joy as a child growing up in Wales and I dreamed of becoming a skyscapist. In 1995 I came to Southern California, and the vastness of the spaces rekindled that childhood love affair with the skies.

After moving to Malibu, I had an opportunity to work on photography skills. Another 5 months later I was having difficulty getting my mind off one particular photograph I had taken. I had an epiphany :“Now, you have to paint!”. The sky remains the major influence in my work.

Visit the artist's website here: http://www.jenibate.com

Painted Dawn by Jeni Bate

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Jewelry at the Casita del Pueblo - Just in time for Valentine's Day!

by Robin Schroeder 25. January 2010 17:05
Need a gift for your sweetheart?
Check out this jam packed schedule of Jewelry events at the Casita del Pueblo!

Vow of Silence Jewelry Designs
Jan. 29th, 6-9pm

Pieces of Bones Jewelry Designs
by Sonya Correon
Jan. 30th, 2-6pm

Ilaments Jewelry Designs
by Lisa Rocha
Feb. 5th, 5-9pm

Mi Queta Jewelry Designs
by Cynthia Montero
Feb. 6th, 2-6pm

Maribel and Zulma Jewelry Designs
Feb. 7th, 2-5pm

Cynthia Morehouse Jewelry Designs
Feb. 12th, 6-9pm

Casita del Pueblo
6738 Greenleaf Ave.
Whittier, CA 90601

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Show Review: 'Nothing Over $99' at the Whittier Art Gallery

by Robin Schroeder 21. January 2010 06:32
"The opening of the "Nothing Over $99.99" show was wonderful. What a great selection of colorful, interesting works. I was impressed with the variety of media. It is inspiring to visit a show to see paintings, ceramics, assemblage, jewelry and photography displayed so well. The Gallery has recently been painted and it lent a bright, clean, venue to this great show. The show will be open until January 31st., Wednesdays through Sundays, 12-5 pm." -Vicki Schramm

Jeff Ulrich, "Creation" assemblage

Liz Dorn, "Chicago St." acrylic

Maud Aretz, "Sunflowers" assemblage

Pat Brown, clay

Would YOU like to write a review of a local show? Email me at robin@WhittierArtists.com

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Show Review: 'Collaborations' at the Casita del Pueblo

by Robin Schroeder 19. January 2010 19:33
"Collaborations" the current show at Casita del Pueblo, is a colorful, high-energy display of the colaborative work of Dennis and Terry McGonagle. I was facinated with the multiple techniques used to apply acrylic paint layers to canvas. Dennis and Terry have worked together to produce works of exquisit texture and color. Very creative! - Vicki Schramm

Terry McGonagle Dennis McGonagle
This show runs through Feb. 10, 2010 - don't miss it!

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Quick Reminder: Two Art Show Receptions this Saturday in Whittier!

by Robin Schroeder 16. January 2010 04:31
This Saturday, catch the Whittier Art Gallery 'Nothing Over $99' reception from 2-4pm...
head over to the Casita del Pueblo for the reception for 'Collaborations' by Dennis and Terry McGonagle.
What a night!


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Don't Miss: 'Nothing Over $99.99' at the Whittier Art Gallery

by Robin Schroeder 14. January 2010 17:11
Nothing Over $99.99
Whittier Art Gallery

Reception: January 16, 2010, 2-4pm
This is the first show of 2010 and everything is for sale!

Whittier Art Gallery
(562) 698-8710
OPEN: WEDNESDAY - SUNDAY noon to 5 p.m.


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The Bluebird Art House has a BLOG!!

by Robin Schroeder 13. January 2010 17:39
Announcing: The Bluebird Art House's BLOG!
Check out the Bluebird Art House's blog here:
To subscribe to a blog,find the following logo in the toolbar of your web browser and click on it:
RSS Logo
On this blog, just click on the word 'subscribe' in the menu at the top of the page under the picture of the mixed up paint. :-)

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Don't Miss: 'Collaborations' by Dennis and Terry McGonagle at the Casita del Pueblo

by Robin Schroeder 12. January 2010 04:13
Dennis and Terry McGonagle

January 11th to Feb.10th, 2010
Opening Reception: January 16th, 6 to 9 P.M.

Terry and Dennis McGonagle have been collaborating on paintings for over a year now. This exhibit will be the official debut of a very unique and different kind of art. The pieces are multi-layered; the viewer can find images on the surface and in the depths of these works. They are composed of many layers of transparent and translucent color. They are tactile; their surfaces are alive with textures and patterns. They are very sculptural as well, with objects emerging from the surface.

Typically, a painting begins with recycled paint that has dried up on a palette, removed, and cut into shapes. The shapes are applied to a canvas that has been prepared with acrylic gel medium. The wet, collaged surface is then painted into with acrylic paint and embellished with nontraditional materials. The result is a surface that sparkles with jewel-like color and hints at a mysterious world.

The paintings are inspired by mythology, Loteria cards, and trips to cities on both coasts. Some are done by Dennis, some by Terry, but most are a combined effort by the husband and wife team. Hence the name, "Collaborations".

El Boracho
"El Boracho", acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Please visit Dennis McGonagle's website at www.McGonagleStudio.com!

Casita del Pueblo Gallery
6738 Greenleaf Avenue, Whittier, CA 90601
(562) 693- 2844

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Reminder: Jan.6 - 10, Whittier Art Gallery - Gift Gallery Take-in

by Robin Schroeder 4. January 2010 18:25
Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2010 already? This is just a reminder that the January-February take-in for the Whittier Art Gallery 'Gift Gallery' is January 6 - 10 (Wednesday through Sunday of this week). The Gallery will also reopen on January 6, 2010.


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